Hello folks!

My apologies for not posting for so very long. Not that I haven’t been writing, however – I’ve been on a whirlwind 2-week adventure through Europe, almost at its end, and have been posting about it at this site. I’ve been to London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Paris, and am back in London again. Please check in! Cheers!


Jazz and liberal politics? The audacity!

For me these concepts are linked, and I’m setting up this blog to try to uncover, partially to myself, why I feel this way. I will allow that as I dig deeper I may find I’m uninformed, slanted too far in preexisting biases, or just plain wrong, and this is fine. I do think in general it’s good to write consistently and to have a consistent place to write, so I hope this blog proves itself as a sort of ideological carving board. The importance of ritual, of consistency.

I think for now it’s good to just get a few words down – no great tomes just yet – and I will return in short. Hence the brevity, which along with clarity and simplicity should serve as my divining rods, I should hope. More to come, gentle reader.

“Breathe, and you know that you are alive.”

now playing: “Breathe” by Trygve Seim, from the album Different Rivers

“That large-heartedness, that concern and regard for the plight of others, is not a partisan feeling. It is part of the American character.” — Barack Obama