My little brother is WICKED SMAHHT! (A repost from Danny’s Facebook profile…)

Dan McCool will be making a 400-mile round trip journey to vote for Martha Coakley in Massachusetts on Tuesday. This is not merely a vote for Coakley, or for the Democratic Party, or for Massachusetts, but for my country, for Ted Kennedy’s legacy as a ferocious defender of progress, justice, and equality for half a century, and for my president, whose promise of change will take more than a year to institute after the horrific policies of the last decade. This is not the perfect candidate. But politics is the art of the possible and it is possible right now to make a difference in people’s lives by allowing Obama to do the hard work he pledged to do during his campaign. Brown has pledged to filibuster the health care bill and will be THE deciding vote in the Senate, thereby killing any possibility of reform. We have a long history in this country of countless political figures espousing faux populism for the sake of maintaining the status quo. Don’t believe Brown when he cynically spouts “it’s us against the machine” as if he’s Zack de la Rocha. If he wins on Tuesday, make no mistake, tens of millions of Americans will continue to be denied medical and mental care in the most powerful country in the the world, which is embarrassing as an American. Don’t let your impatience get the better of you. The bill is not perfect, but the arguments you are now hearing against it are the same ones that were made against public schools, child labor laws, social security, Medicare, and a host of other programs that aren’t perfect either, but which have undoubtably advanced the lives in some way of you, your parents, your grandparents, and your friends. If you have a few minutes before Tuesday and you care about slowly eradicating the damage done by the Bush years, if you care about progress, if you recognize that lasting change that benefits the lives of millions requires hard, grueling, incremental steps, please do your part and make some calls. I’ll be doing the same. Get out and vote in Massachusetts Tuesday and bring some friends to vote too. Let’s stop whining about her campaign and get to work: