I’ve decided to re-post these comments I made on a Boston.com article discussing Rep. Barney Frank’s excoriation on who I call “Michelle Bachman’s fact-free minions.” A woman posted a comment calling out Frank for what she saw as “his recent arrogant and belligerent attitude towards those who disagree with him.” Here’s my response:

Mr. Frank’s initial comments were made as a RESPONSE to a woman who was holding up a photograph of Barack Obama which had been altered to look like Adolf Hitler. So this was NOT a simple case of “someone disagreeing with him,” but WAS just one example from a pattern of extremely radical and inflammatory attacks from the know-nothing right wing press, which has mobilized its legions, shockingly, to somehow equate the desire to provide healthcare for all Americans with the extermination of 6 million Jews. HUH?!?

As a Jew himself, Frank was WELL within his bounds to excoriate the woman. I mean, imagine her audacity – how DARE she make such a bizarre, patently untrue comparison in front of someone whose ancestry deserves dignified respect? I was actually quite impressed by his restraint, and happy that for once a politician felt confident enough to use humor and grace to counter the ridiculous nature of the woman’s claim. We can have a civil discussion of the issues at hand, but unfortunately, since the Repubs have no serious plan of their own (the one they submitted a few weeks ago actually had NO budgetary data at all! can you imagine?), they’ve resorted to the same tired cliches about big, bad government and liberalism somehow equaling communism.

And Frank’s recent comments about Michelle Bachman and her eager troupe of fact-free minions, although admittedly on the incendiary side, are spot on true. These people are doing a DISSERVICE to their country, and are NOT patriots, but are (sadly, unknowingly) fighting battles directly on behalf of the multi-millionaire insurance company CEOs. Present a “fact” to any of these people, and it simply bounces off. As one protester said: “I don’t let facts get in the way of my opinions!”

The times they are a-changin’, folks. The only question is: do you want to be on the right side of history, or like Southern plantation owners in the 1860s, desperately clinging to the idea that slavery was a mandate from God?

PS – Did anyone catch this terrific story about the “tea baggers” protesting government-run healthcare in DC yesterday, a few of which needed medical attention?


Apparently they DIDN’T turn down the medical care that was offered to them on the spot, even though… wait for it… it was GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTH CARE! (Ooooh…) Don’t they realize that by accepting it, they are now Communists? Hail, comrade!