And now, jazz. Am very much looking forward to hearing this:

Anyone who knows me well also knows I am a Keith Jarrett nut. Wrote my master’s thesis on the guy, in fact. I attended his solo concert at Carnegie Hall last fall, and am still hoping ECM will release that one eventually, as they did for the first Carnegie Concert back in 2005 (which I also attended).

Haven’t been writing in this as much as I want to be. Just a gentle self-reminder… IT’S REALLY NOT THAT HARD!

Over this past weekend I was up home in MA, and while digging out some old music theory notes to look at in prep for the advanced theory class I’m starting to teach next week, I came across some of my writing notebooks from freshman year of college. Fascinating! Wonderfully clunky and awkward attempts at profundity! I feel bad in hindsight for my English professor. It’s sort of humbling realizing that I wasn’t born with the ability to write, that learning this craft is something that only comes with years of practice and habit. And the process never ends, only refines itself. Onward wayward stumbler!