Jazz and liberal politics? The audacity!

For me these concepts are linked, and I’m setting up this blog to try to uncover, partially to myself, why I feel this way. I will allow that as I dig deeper I may find I’m uninformed, slanted too far in preexisting biases, or just plain wrong, and this is fine. I do think in general it’s good to write consistently and to have a consistent place to write, so I hope this blog proves itself as a sort of ideological carving board. The importance of ritual, of consistency.

I think for now it’s good to just get a few words down – no great tomes just yet – and I will return in short. Hence the brevity, which along with clarity and simplicity should serve as my divining rods, I should hope. More to come, gentle reader.

“Breathe, and you know that you are alive.”

now playing: “Breathe” by Trygve Seim, from the album Different Rivers

“That large-heartedness, that concern and regard for the plight of others, is not a partisan feeling. It is part of the American character.” — Barack Obama